Frc 2014 Windriver Driver

Ask one of them to do this at a team meeting or email them. You provide all control flow. The Operations Tab is used to control the mode of the robot and provide additional key status indicators while the robot is running. If the Cypress board is not being used, the Digital and Analog Input controls can be used with the computer mouse.


Here's a list of some basic terminology related to the code which is helpful for gaining a basic understanding. More information about LiveWindow can be found here. If the Cypress board is being used, the state of all objects on this panel will be controlled by the state of the board.

Use the software key that is printed on the back of the envelope the software was shipped in. The outstanding changes can be viewed on Gerrit here. Press return or click outside the box for the setting to take effect.

More information about the Command Based programming architecture can be found here. There is a new version of SmartDashboard this year that teams may choose to use. Configure Team Number Configure your team number before proceeding. These widgets can be configured to a number of preset display types, or users can create custom extensions in Java.

Click and drag any device name to reorder to the devices, the order and numbering shown here will match the way the device should be accessed in the robot code. Then copy the downlaod checkout command by clicking on the copy to clipboard icon on the right. Additional documentation on the SmartDashboard can be found here.

It is recommended to install the language specific updates through Netbeans in order to be automatically notified of updates, if manual installation must be used, the plugins can be found here. Vision extensions are available for the SmartDashboard which allow it to display images from the Axis camera on the robot. Note that teams may need to install the Java Runtime Environment to use the SmartDashboard on computers not set up for Java programming. This is useful for seeing what is going on on the robot as you are view the log file output. Austin has successfully used Bazel to download code to a robot though.

In order to do this click the Setup tab then enter your team number in the team number box. Provides method stubs for each robot operating mode. Some people prefer reinstalling from scratch too. Paste that into your linux terminal.

This helps to verify field connection regardless of the selected tab. In a pinch, the default route can be set by hand.


Note that teams may need to install the Java Runtime Environment to use the Network Tables Viewer on computers not set up for Java programming. Java is an object-oriented text base programming language. We've got all of the code building with Bazel on Debian Jessie now. The notes from here to the bottom of the page are from the season. The tool can also be used to control, and report the status of, an individual Jaguar in the various modes for testing.

Run the Driver Station exe in the expanded folder. The Status Pane of the Driver Station is located on the left side of the display and is always visible regardless of the tab selected. Setting Up the Driver Station.

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The user must write the appropriate code for these methods for the robot to function. We think there might be some options to choose which robot to compile and download code to.

Use mdns-scan to search the network for devices. Instructions for using the tool to configure the camera are located here. Grey if a Kinect Server is running but the Kinect is not connected.

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See below on how to use it. For each software component this document will provide a brief overview of its purpose, a link to the package download if appropriate, and a link to further documentation where available. Building on a vagrant machine notes - From Austin. Clicking the Configure button will bring up the Configuration dialog. It said the tool should be in the Start menu, but I did not find it there.

When I ran it the first time, it took me to the Java download page and so I installed Java. Again, use the software key that is printed on the back of the envelope that the software was shipped in for the update. It displays all keys currently in the Network Table along with the value and Sequence Number and can be used to modify the value of existing keys or add new keys to the Table.

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Mars has also been tested by some users of this set of tools and they have reported success. It will enable starting code when the robot is turned on. Typeset in Arvo and Nobile. Joystick connection indicators - Green if the joystick is connected. If this works you are done.

Use ssh to connect to the admin user on the robot. Dashboard Location Controls - Chooses where to forward the Dashboard information, 56k mdc modem driver local dashboard is for a dashboard located on the same machine. We're migrating build systems and operating system versions at the same time because it's easier to only have two supported combinations vs four. Ask Brian or Austin what code you should be using.