Fuji Xerox C5580 Driver

The following describes how to print or delete a job stored in a public folder. Loading documents or paper in landscape orientation when you view the machine from the front. Otherwise, it may cause some defects.

The file in the public folder can be retrieved by a remote machine. The search result appears. Feature Operation Switching pages Drag or flick the preview area side to side. Machine Ready Tone A tone produced when the status of the machine changes from standby to ready, such as when the power is switched on. One type of job flow sheet targets files stored in folders, and the other type targets scan files.

Enter the recipient fax number in the same manner as when you make an international call. Tap the preview area to switch the page on the preview screen. Electrical Safety Plug the power cord directly into a grounded electrical outlet.

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Job flow sheets are categorized into two types according to the target. Delayed Print This feature allows you to temporarily store print data on the machine to print it at specified time. Book Faxing Scanning Facing Pages onto Separate Sheets You can scan the left and right pages of a bound document separately to fax them. This option is suitable when skin tones are to be reproduced more pinkish or when subdued images are to be reproduced more warmly. You can change the copy ratio associated with each button.

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Only one set of copies can be made. Public Folder This feature allows you to store data in the machine and send the data by operating on a remote machine. In the enlarged view, the following operations are available. Page Operations during Scanning In the entire view, the following operations are available. If you select multiple files, they are printed in the selected order.

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Specify the number of copy sets with the numeric keypad. Batch Print Allows you to set batch printing. Consumable Never throw a toner cartridge into an open flame.

Return them to your local Fuji Xerox representative. Consult your local Fuji Xerox representative to check if an outlet is grounded. To bundle wires and cables, always use the cable ties and spiral tubes that Fuji Xerox supplies. For information on how to operate a Sample Set job, hp anatel wireless mouse driver refer to the print driver's help. You can directly touch the touch screen to instruct operations and set features.

Enables you to connect the machine to a telephone device. For more information, refer to the documentation provided with the application.

You can specify multiple recipients Broadcast Send using the above methods. Remaining toner in the cartridge may catch fire and cause burn injuries or explosion.

The Direct Fax procedure depends on the application you use. Remote Folder Using Remote Folder This feature allows you to send or receive confidential documents that you do not want others to see. Recipient s Editing a Recipient You can confirm, delete, or edit recipients using the pop-up menu displayed.

Preview the read images while reading the next job. You do not need to take into account which side is the front when sending documents. Ventilate well during extended operation or mass copying. Up to characters can be entered. Data sent from client computers is stored in this area.

To prevent overheat and a fire accident, do not use an extension cord, a multi-plug adaptor or a multiple connector. Between the machines with the F Code feature, including those manufactured by other companies, various features making use of F Code can be used. The following describes how to enter text.

You can scan documents and save the scanned data in a folder of the machine. Tri-fold output tray button Press this button to open the tri-fold output tray.

Resolution Specifying the Scanning Resolution You can set the resolution for the documents to be scanned. Document feeder top cover Open this cover to clear document jams. Checking the Remaining Amount of Paper in a Tray The icons displayed in the indication areas for each tray allows you to check the remaining amount of paper loaded in the tray. Never use aerosol cleaners to avoid catching fire and explosion.

The standby screen is displayed on the touch screen. The application searches for scanners. Low Power mode and Sleep mode. In such case, a warning message appears during operation and the operation is aborted.

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You can select either one file or all files. Eject the medium before switching off the power. Selecting a job allows you to see its details.


Select the desired output color mode. Previewing the Read Images during a Fax Job Before sending a fax, you can preview the read images while reading the next job. Do not pull out a tray, otherwise it may cause injuries. Select the number to be deleted.

This guide describes how to operate the machine and the precautions you should follow during operation. After you set an advanced search condition, select the box to display the screen for entering the keyword. Do not open toner cartridges and drum cartridges. Feature Operation Switching pages on the Drag or flick the preview area up and down.

One of the following occurs. Previous page Next page Preview area Information area Page switching buttons Thumbnailed bar In the entire view, the following operations are available.

Preview Previewing the Scanned Images during a Scan Job You can preview the scanned images while scanning the document. The new quantity must include the number of copies that have already been printed. This feature is useful if you want to separately scan facing pages of a bound document. In the entire view, the file name, registration date, number of pages, and setting values of staple and punch are displayed on the right side of the preview area.