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The password field is case sensitive. This sort of thing becomes completely addictive, and you can create amazing effects by modulating the most unlikely Guitar Rig parameters. The scope of what's possible with Modifiers is boundless. For instance, I managed to create a truly evil sound by routing the output of the Tweedman directly into the input of the Plexi amp.

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Not only can you export the bounced loop that you hear from Loop Machine, but you can also export every layer as an individual file. It can, of course, be used as a bass amp, but it's also a very versatile tool for recording electric guitars.

As you'd expect, different mics have been modelled for the bass cabinets. You can set the Threshold automatically by hitting the Learn button whilst not playing. And if it's only viable on stage, then the fact remains - there are more reliable, more practical solutions. The new hardware is pretty neat, too, if you can run it at low enough latency.


Hi Nils, It doesnt work, its better, but it doesnt work. Although I found this erred on the conservative side, the Noise Reduction module is a very handy addition, particularly if you're putting together high-gain patches. It could probably survive being run over by a car, and should certainly be robust enough to stand up to stage use. Said effect is reproduced here, and to my ears it sounds pretty authentic. Although this is one of the most popular high-gain valve amps, it's never been on my own Christmas list, and I probably won't turn to Lead all that often for exactly the same reasons.

It seems to me that those planning to use it live have most to gain by upgrading, since cutting down the number of wires and computer peripherals in the rig has got to be a good thing. Finally, we come to an entire new category of module. Each Modifier has a drop-down menu listing its Targets and the amount by which it is modulating them.

Elsewhere, the old Noise Gate has been joined by a more sophisticated Noise Reduction unit based on dynamic filtering. When you want to go beyond what's possible in hardware, nothing else comes close. At the same time, if you need to get a sound fast, a couple of mouse clicks is often all that's required. The other notable addition in this bank is Auto Filter, an auto-wah effect intended primarily for bass. If my experience is typical, then it will be frustratingly difficult to run it at an acceptable latency without some glitching, so I really hope this isn't universal.

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Click on that and drag the mouse to the parameter you want to control, and it's done. It's gotta be a fairly easy fix. Foot pedal in the review unit often needed to be calibrated before it would work.

If you click on the parameter while moving the pedal it does work. Previous article Next article.

Modelled on a Boss unit, this is basically a resonant filter controlled by an envelope follower, and it works really well, with a smooth and rich sound that is devoid of glitching or stepping. Still clicks and spits digital noise from the outputs and headphones. There were times when I started my computer up to use it and the pedal completely failed to work. Browse for the latest additions and log-in to download or upload. No, create an account now.

The new Rig Kontrol is a smart-looking beast with a reassuringly thick metal skin. The situation is better with the new driver but I'm afraid there are still crackles and glitches - at least with latency settings useable for live playing. Please Nils, tell me that you can improve the drivers to a useable level. Fortunately, there's also plenty that can and should be described as exciting, honeywell barcode scanner ms9520 driver in the shape of a veritable army of new modules. Discover the Future of Sound!

However, what's really impressive about the Loop Machine is the way Native Instruments have integrated it into the Guitar Rig environment. Was this ever a consideration? With bright and warm channels that can be blended to taste, Tweedman is ready for pretty much anything from clean country picking to clanging power chords. This will be a boon for many people, but particularly for those using Guitar Rig live. It was doing that to me way back in the demo.

Also new in the Vol collection is the Stomp Compressor, an idiot-proof and good-sounding compressor. Synths, sampled instruments, studio and creative effects, samplers, and cinematic tools. In two weeks I was planning to use mentioned set-up for guitar teaching - is there hope? To go with the new amp models, there's an even wider range of cabinets than before, and yet more virtual mics to record them with.

Do you already have an account? This can be adjusted from to percent using a slider. As most guitarists have probably had to explain to their spouses at some time or other, no two distortion pedals sound exactly the same, and that's why we need to have lots of them. Is there hope in the near future?

Actually, I think the pitch pedal thing is an older bug. The biggest disappointment is that they did not fix the automation bug.

Native Instruments Guitar Rig 2

Another really cool feature is the ability to export the resulting loops as audio files. For warmer, more middly bass tones redolent of the s, the Tweedman module is a good alternative.

Native Instruments Rig Kontrol 2 Driver

To me, the fact of sitting in front of a computer to play means you'll never be in quite the same state of mind as with half a dozen smoking valves behind you. This raises a couple of questions.

Would such implementation require hardware modifications, or could this possibly be realized via a firmware update. Most of them sound fine anyway, perhaps indicating that the choice of cabinet is as important as the choice of amp for bass. Pros The new modules are impressive, especially the Tweedman amp model and Loop Machine looper.

That amp, of course, was a fairly standard transistor affair, the key to its popularity being the built-in ensemble effect, which could provide either vibrato or chorus. So far this is a huge improvement.

It will do the same with input, I'm just trying to eliminate other things. This has lots of applications, but perhaps the most obvious are for bass patches. Crywah is an alternative to the original Wah and Talkwah units, modelled on the Crybaby, and is a worthwhile addition if wah is your thing.

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